Hallmark K9 Premium Dog Training Supplies

Hallmark K9 is a 35+ year old company that specializes in providing dog training supplies for working dogs around the world. They carry a wide selection of equipment meant to train police K9 and military dogs, as well as personal protection canines and Schutzhund enthusiasts. In addition, they are an authorized dealer for Frabo, Tri-Tronics, CPN Nutrition, and are the largest distributor of Gappay in the United States.

The owner of Hallmark K9 is Jim Hill, who has been involved in training working dogs since 1975. He has personally trained and competed all over the world with his dogs for over 35 years. Due to Hill’s extensive experience and reputation for quality products, Hallmark K9 was recently named the “Official Equipment Sponsor of the USCA”. All products offered on their website has been tested at the Hallmark Training Academy for quality and durability.

Offered on Hallmark’s website are a number of products and training equipment, all designed to help dog owners train and compete with their working dogs. Sleeves of various strengths and lengths are available for use in training personal protection and K9 dogs. Puppy and young dog sleeves offer a softer bite area and more compression to build bite confidence during training sessions. These puppy sleeves can be used in conjunction with bite tugs, which vary in size, shape, and materials specifically designed to teach puppies the game of biting. Once the young dogs have mastered the basics of biting, the firm trial sleeves with the addition of sleeve covers, can be used to further train more experienced dogs.

Once puppies and young dogs have gained more confidence and skill, Hallmark offers a line of protective bite suits, aprons, scratch pants, and trial jackets. These clothing lines offer the wearer protection from dogs who are larger and more advanced in their attack/protection skills, and are made from durable Gappay nylon or leather. Full bite suits can be custom ordered to fit most sizes and offer a full range of motion for movement and protection of the wearer. Other clothing offered on the Hallmark K9 site ranges from tee-shirts and windbreakers, to Gappay soft shell jackets, fleece vests, winter jackets, baseball caps, and treat pouches for positive reinforcement training.

Besides the puppy bite pillows mentioned above, there are tugs made from jute, leather, and synthetic materials, to help train and reinforce bite confidence in working dogs as they become more experienced. Gappay and Frabo synthetic and leather balls with different compression levels and sizes are also available to add variety to training sessions. The individual Gappay dumbbells come in a variety of sizes, and can also be bought in sets of 3. These sizes and designs have been recently been changed for the working dog, mandated by the training industry itself, which has cause some issues with the durability of the product. Hallmark K9 has developed a simple and effective method to combat this problem and states that they will employ this “fix” at no extra cost to their customers.

Also found on their website is a large selection of leashes, leads, tracking lines, collars, and muzzles, most made by either Gappay or Frabo. These products also come in a wide variety of materials, lengths, and colors. Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel collars are also available in various metallic tones and sizes. Field equipment is also available on the Hallmark K9 website, featuring one meter high jumps to a range of Gappay blinds. These bright yellow blinds range in size from mini to large.

Under K9 care, customers can find fur “rakes” as well as nutritional supplements that improve canine health. The supplements can be given to pregnant mothers and puppies to improve their growth and deliver needed nutrients that may be missing from their regular dog foods. Once the young dogs begin training, supplementing their diets with CPN Power Boost or Vertex can provide working dogs with the natural tocopherols, antioxidants, proteins, amino acids, and phytonutrients needed for peak performance and a healthy dog.

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