How To Improve Your Dog's Jump by More Than 10% During Competition.

A 10 percent improvement in your dog’s jump height can make a spectacular difference in how he places in a competition. If you want to enjoy a better outcome next time around, then the time to start working on improving how high your dog can jump is right now.

There are several factors that contribute to your dog’s jumping ability, including muscle strength, behaviour, skill, and overall health. Although you’re new training regime must include a focus on all of these aspects, it is also true that jump training for dogs works to improve your dog’s status from every angle. Here are the steps:

Determine Your Dog’s Maximum Jump Height Ability

Each of the major dog agility organizations have their own jump height divisions. These divisions use the dog’s height as a basis for defining how high his jump should be. The most aggressive jump height divisions belongs to the USDAA, calling for dogs to jump around 2 to 4 inches higher than other organizations. Of course, champion pitbulls have been known to jump walls that were four meters tall.

It’s not just your dog’s performance at the last competition that you should consider, but also the jump height he’s capable of. After all, how can you unlock his full jumping potential if you don’t know what that potential is? How high a dog can jump is determined by their height at the withers.

Create a Rigorous Jump Training Program

Improving your dog’s jump height in preparation for the next competition is a project that requires a lot of focus from you. It is essential to get down to the heart of what’s stopping your dog from jumping higher - is it a matter of training, will, energy level, or does he lack the strength? If you find the weakness, give it special attention.

All other factors aside, teaching a dog to be a high jumper comes down to the basic principle of motivate, challenge, and treat - you can achieve it all just by setting up the right training playground .

There are many ways to set up jump training equipment for dogs. You can build your own using bricks and plywood or tires and rope, or you can purchase pre-made equipment. Start out by getting the do to practice jumping consistently at the highest height he has achieved so far, then slowly move the target up higher until he can jump at the goal height every time.

Continue to Practice and Measure Until the Goal is Achieved

Like much other types of training for dogs, training a dog to jump higher is as much a matter of consistency as it is technique. Depending on your dog’s health, temperament, and bond to you, it is possible to get your dog to jump higher after only a very short time in training.

However, practice does make perfect and, if you want to have confidence about your dog’s jumping height when you go into the next competition, then it will hopefully be at least a few weeks, even months before your next competition. A 10 percent increase in the height of your dog's jump might only represent about an inch or two, but with the right practice you might be able to get him to jump even higher than this.